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ASO Sanayi Malzemeleri

Our company - ASO Industrial Equipments Trading Co. - which was established on 1997 for the purpose of serving to PVC and Aluminyum profiles (for windows) industry, expanded its product portfolio by importing screws one year after its foundation. By the time, screw business became the main field of activity for our organisation.

In the last quarter of the year 2011, our company broadened its line of products with lock cylinders' manufacturing and then after with mosquito screen nets'import. Thus, We significantly improved our market position and became one of the leading companies in PVC and Aluminyum windows accessories market, both in Turkey and in other regional markets.

Finally, in 2013, We started manufacturing of screws in our own plant, upon establishment of Tamaks Fasteners Co., as a subsidiary of ASO Industrial Equipments Trading Co.. Thus, We expanded our target sectors through manufacturing of Chipboard (Wood) Screws, Concrete Screws, Drywall Screws (Gypsies), Metric Screws.

On the other hand, since 2008, our company decided to broaden the activity zones to aboard in order to set new target markets with the expansion to the outside of Turkey. In this respect, We turned our face to our regional and neighborhood markets. Today, We are proud to say that we have significant market position in 18 other country markets in 3 continents with our products and services.

Finally, We believe the driving force of this growth is our strict adherence to the motto of "..trust is the key..." That became an integral part of our corporate culture and our ability to build the enire system on "TRUST" throughout the supply chain leading from production to end users.

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